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 April 3, 2017 - Show Me the $$- Employability Skills Workshops
Description: The Lawton Ft. Sill Chamber of Commerce- Education Action Group through the Employability Skills subcommittee has developed a series of workshops for the Lawton Public School Internship Class. These workshops will provide skills and tools necessary to meet requirements as future members of the workforce.

Time & Location: 1:30PM @ Cameron University, Ole Kim Room, Lawton , OK map & directions
Contact: Lynn Null 580-355-1176
Outcome: Oklahomans will increase their job readiness skills for better employment opportunities and economic development

 April 3, 2017 - Co-Parenting for Resilience
Description: Co-Parenting for Resilience: Helping Parents Help their Children. Divorcing and separating couples will benefit by learning techniques to transition into their new "co-parenting" lifestyle and by learning effective strategies to promote their children’s healthy adjustment to their parent’s separation. This class also satisfies the court mandated requirement for divorcing/separating couples and those seeking custody, visitation or paternity of minor children in Oklahoma. Pre-registration required - $30 fee

Time & Location: 1:00PM @ The Broadway Center, 212 N Broadway, Sayre, OK map & directions
Contact: Nancy McFarlin 580-928-2139
Outcome: Oklahoma couples will reduce negative effects from potential separation and/or divorce

 April 3, 2017 - OrganWise Guys
Description: OrganWise Guys Indian Camp in Pawhuska

Time & Location: 10:00AM @ Indian Camp Elementary, 2005 E Boundary Ave, Pawhuska, OK map & directions
Contact: Donna Robbins 918-287-4170
Outcome: Oklahomans will maintain or improve their health through safe and healthy food and physical activity choices

 April 3, 2017 - Active Parenting: First Five Years
Description: Your child's first few years are so important! Learn how to make the most of them with Active Parenting: First Five Years, a program for parents and other caregivers. Written by parenting expert (and dad) Dr. Michael Popkin, this course will show you how to nurture your child with a "just right" combination of freedom and nonviolent discipline. Millions of parents have achieved success with Active Parenting—and you can, too! Here’s what you’ll learn: What a baby’s cry means, Ages and stages of development, Building a strong bond, Your child’s growing brain, Using mindfulness to keep your cool, Effective discipline young children can understand, Choices and consequences, 6 ways to prepare your child for school success and much more!

Time & Location: 9:00AM @ Seminole County OSU Extension, 12827 NS 3650, Wewoka, OK map & directions
Contact: Megan Anderson 405-257-5433
Outcome: Oklahoma children, youth, and adults will be successful and resilient

 April 3, 2017 - Active Parenting Now (ages 5-12)
Description: Do you ever wonder if there’s a better way to handle those daily parenting problems? Maybe your son dawdles around whenever it’s time to get dressed for school…your daughter is suddenly using disrespectful language…or the children seem to forget to do their chores and argue every minute of the day. Or maybe you’d like to prepare now for the upcoming teen years. You can become more successful at parenting—the most important job of your life—with Active Parenting Now, the acclaimed video and discussion program by parenting expert Dr. Michael Popkin. In six sessions, you will learn a proven approach to parenting that will lead to more harmony and happiness for you and your children. Since 1983 millions of families have learned the benefits of Active Parenting—now it’s your turn. We’re bringing the acclaimed Active Parenting Now program directly to you! This workshop will show you effective ways to…use non-violent discipline techniques that work, improve communication with your children, teach responsibility and other important values, handle problems as they come up, cope with difficult topics such as drugs, violence, and sex, defuse power struggles with your children, stimulate independence as your child grows older, and encourage your children to be their very best!

Time & Location: 10:00AM @ Seminole County OSU Extension, 12827 NS 3650, Wewoka, OK map & directions
Contact: Megan Anderson 405-257-5433
Outcome: Oklahoma children, youth, and adults will be successful and resilient

 April 3, 2017 - Active Parenting of Teens (ages 13-18)
Description: The challenge of successfully ushering children through their teen years has always been among parents’ hardestwon achievements. But in today’s society where children seem to become adults overnight, and where they often make decisions about drugs, sexuality, and violence before they understand the consequences, a parent’s job is more important than ever. So how can you ensure that your teens develop the skills and character they need to not only survive but to thrive as they gain independence? You can create harmony and stability in your family while raising your teens to be responsible, courageous and prepared for independent life. Active Parenting of Teens, a video and discussion program by parenting expert Dr. Michael Popkin, will show you how. In six sessions packed with activities, discussion, real-world examples, and feedback, you’ll learn a proven approach to parenting, plus indispensable techniques and insights for overcoming obstacles, that will bring happiness and harmony into your home. You’ll leave each session energized and motivated to make positive and realistic changes in your own family’s daily life. Active Parenting of Teens will give you the guidance and support you need to turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. You’ll learn: Methods of respectful discipline, Skills for clear, honest communication, Concrete strategies to prevent risky behavior, How to be an encouraging parent, . . . and much more, plus insight into important issues such as teens online, bullying, and depression.

Time & Location: 2:00PM @ Seminole County OSU Extension, 12827 NS 3650, Wewoka, OK map & directions
Contact: Megan Anderson 405-257-5433
Outcome: Oklahoma children, youth, and adults will be successful and resilient

 April 3, 2017 - Walking with Ease
Description: The AF Walk With Ease program information and strategies are based on research and tested programs in exercise science, behavior change, and arthritis management. Groups meet 3 times per week for 6 weeks. Each session lasts about 1 hour. Each session begins with a brief discussion of a topic important to walking or arthritis management. After the discussion, the group will warm up, stretch, walk, cool down and stretch one last time. Walking with a group is fun, and groups often spend additional time socializing.

Time & Location: 1:00PM @ Kingfisher City Park (Golf Course), 124 E. Sheridan, Room 204, Kingfisher, OK map & directions
Contact: Lindy Hoel 4053753822
Outcome: Oklahomans will maintain or improve their health through safe and healthy food and physical activity choices

URL: Oklahoma
 April 3, 2017 - Tai Chi: Moving For Better Balance
Description: The movements of the Chinese martial art Tai Chi can help seniors reduce the risk of falling, increase balance, and increase flexibility.This twelve-week class teaches participants ways to improve their overall mind, body,and spirit through a series of slow continuous movements. It does not matter how strong, flexible, or active you are as Tai Chi is designed for people at all levels of health.

Time & Location: 9:00AM @ OSU Conference Center, 2500 N.E. 63rd St., Oklahoma City, OK map & directions
Contact: Amanda Ford 4057131125
Outcome: Oklahomans will prevent/reduce hazards that could harm their health, well being and safety in their homes and communities

URL: http://oces.okstate.edu/oklahoma/fcs-workshops
 April 3, 2017 - Annie's Project
Description: Participants, particularly women in agriculture,are successful as agriculture producers when they understand financial management, record keeping, crop and livestock marketing, insurance, and production principles. Learn from agriculture experts about agriculture management principles and techniques to build success in your agriculture business. Required registration is due March 13, 2017 in the amount of $40.

Time & Location: 6:00PM @ Canadian Valley Technology Center, Helen B. Ward Seminar Center, Chickasha., 1401 West Michigan, Chickasha, OK map & directions
Contact: Susan Routh 4052242216
Outcome: Oklahomans will increase their financial readiness for life events

URL: http://oces.okstate.edu/grady/events/ann