Oklahoma State University


Issues I focus on for Logan County are health, fitness, safety and prevention of risky behaviors.  For many years, I have visited school classrooms and community groups addressing Oklahoma’s rising rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

I have developed Extension programming to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and impact related health factors:  fitness, food preparation, food safety and food preservation.

In recent years, I have expanded my focus to safety, providing information on disaster preparedness, first aid, injury prevention and healthy homes.

One of my favorite programs has been Fuel Up to Play 60.  I work closely with the PE teachers at Guthrie Upper Elementary School to teach students how to make healthy choices.  With FUTP60 grants for the past 2 years,  we are able to provide hands-on experiences.  I love interacting with the young people as we taste foods and discuss topics such as portion distortion and how to choose healthy foods.  Youth are eager to learn.  I love being an Extension educator as I aim to help each person, whether young or old to continue to learn.  The best way to succeed in  life is to make learning a passion.


I chose to be an Extension Educator because I grew up in the 4-H program.   As a 9 year 4-H member, I have many fond memories of time spent with family and friends at 4-H events. I spent the first years of my career as a FCS classroom teacher before becoming an Extension Educator.  My career choices have always been influenced by skills developed in my 4-H years.