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Deliberative Forums
If your community or organization needs to deliberate an important public issue, you may find that public deliberative forums and study circles would be very useful in meeting that need.

How do I Convene a Forum?
Tips and guidelines for how to get started, form partnerships, choose a topic, and organize your forum.

Discussion Guides and Materials
Several issue guides on a variety of public issues have been developed to support forums and study circles.

National Issues Forums has over 30 issue booklets and companion videos on a variety of topics to assist the steering committee in conducting a forum.

Public Agenda's Choicework dialogue materials are designed to help groups and communities talk
productively about public problems.

The Study Circles Resource Center publishes discussion guides on a variety of public issues. Guides are available for download and/or in printed form.

The Harwood Institute has created tools, reports, and frameworks, dealing with a wide range of public concerns and issues. These publications are provided free of charge.

Moderators and Recorders 
In Oklahoma, there are several OPPD-trained moderators and recorders to assist in convening and conducting non-partisan, non-biased, non-advocacy public deliberative forums and study circles. 



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